Student-Led Philanthropy Projects

WMed students currently are raising funds for two student-led philanthropy projects.

Street Medicine Kalamazoo Group
Members of the Street Medicine Kalamazoo team in downtown Kalamazoo.

Street Medicine Kalamazoo

StreetMedicineKalamazoo(SMKzoo) was established in 2021 atWMedto provide medical care to unhoused individuals inKalamazoo.SMKzoostrives to serve as a medical home for unhoused patients, providing comprehensive and coordinated services, thus improving access to care and healthcare outcomes for the unhoused.Through weekly streetclinics conducted in encampments, shelters, and other locations throughoutKalamazoo,SMKzoohas become an established presence for on-site delivery of essential primary care services to more than 250 unhoused patients. Consider supporting them with a charitable gift that will assist them in purchasing medical equipment, first aid and hygiene kits, a mobile clinic, and more to fulfill their mission.

Garden Interest Group

WMed Garden Interest Group
The WMed Garden Interest Group is led by M2s Noelle Fukuda Tiffany Hangse, Samantha Mazurek, and Jennifer Vosters with the help of Erik Larson, PhD, who serves as the group's faculty advisor.

The Garden Interest Group (GIG) was established by students in 2022. Their mission is to create a community garden at the W.E. Upjohn M.D. Campus to provide food to vulnerable populations in Kalamazoo, promote sustainability, and integrate nutrition with medicine. Consider supporting this project with a charitable gift that will support the purchase of gardening equipment, seeds, fertilizer, upgrades to the planter boxes, and more.

More Information

Your gifts to these initiatives will directly benefit these Student Led Philanthropy Projects. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.