Trailblazers Program

The Trailblazers Program guides our recruitment of underrepresented populations that highlight the diversity of leadership at WMed and in Kalamazoo. Each leader featured was asked a series of questions regarding their work and experience, and the ways in which they have gained a clear understanding of themselves, challenged their long-held beliefs and, in turn, become allies for the entire community.

Daniel Cunningham
Daniel Cunningham
Mathematics Professor, Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Kalamazoo is a great place for your family to have opportunities to take advantage of future educational endeavors
Valarie Cunningham
Valarie Cunningham, MSW, LMSW
CEO, The Synergy Health Center
I have enjoyed living here and raising my family, building a business and lifelong friendships.
Keshia Dickason
Keshia Dickason
Executive Director, Girls on the Run Southwest Michigan; Kalamazoo County Road Commissioner
Kalamazoo is a great place to raise children because of the small town environment and the love that the community has for education and family.
Dr. Diamond Stevens
Diamond N. Stevens, 六合彩开奖直播
WMed OB-GYN Resident
Kalamazoo is a great place to do part of your medical training. It's a small place with just enough to keep you busy in your free time.