Faculty Affairs

Paul J. Schenarts, 六合彩开奖直播, FACS, MAMSE
Paul J. Schenarts, 六合彩开奖直播, FACS, MAMSE
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Welcome from the Office of Faculty Affairs. We are a resource for medical school faculty members, as well as those who want to learn more about medical school department and program faculty.

As of August 9, 2023, the medical school has appointed 1,195 faculty members in 17 departments and one program. The chart below shows the distribution听of medical school faculty in all of the departments and programs. There are 222 faculty members employed by the medical school and an additional 973 volunteer faculty. There are a total of 1,149 primary faculty appointments. There are an additional 56 secondary appointments for faculty whose professional work routinely crosses more than one domain.

Total Faculty by Department or Program

WMed Department Faculty Figures August 2023

Community physicians, other healthcare providers, and community members can apply for a faculty appointment by submitting an online application.听 Please review the听information about faculty appointments which outlines the criteria for faculty membership before you . Once the online application is submitted, you can expect the multi-step faculty appointment process to be completed within three to four months. You may be contacted if additional information is needed. You can always enquire about the status by emailing faculty.affairs@wmed.edu.